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Understanding Nursing Pad Materials

Here are the most common nursing pad materials used today.


Organic bamboo is becoming a material of choice for nursing pads, because it is soft durable and absorbent. Unknown to many westerners bamboo is so strong that it is often used for building scaffolds for construction projects in Asia.


The once demonized cousin to cannabis is now back in the limelight as a sustainable plant that grows extremely strong and vibrant in even the harshest of conditions. Hemp is an ideal nursing pad material because it is as soft, absorbent, and holds up well in the wash cycle.


Everybody knows cotton is soft and breathable material that absorbs moisture. While cotton is still used extensively in some breast pads it’s role is is not as prominent as in years past because of the emerging materials like bamboo and hemp


PUL or Polyurethane Laminate is a interlock knit fabric material often used on the side of the nursing pads that prevents leaking. This material is on the side of nursing pads that protects your bra and clothes from getting wet. PUL is an interlock knit fabric.

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