Breastfeeding pads, maternity pads, nursing pads, are they all the same?

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Getting into the role of a new mom is typically challenging for every woman. Before baby arrives, you typically have baby shower gifts, prepare a nursery and all of the clothing your baby will need. Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, motherhood always presents with new and sometimes difficult challenges. When you are not sure about many things, you still have to adapt then very soon and take care of your little one with all care and love! All of a sudden, you start focusing on your baby’s priorities of life rather than your own routine.

This change in priorities is one of the best things about the motherhood, among the list of new things; the first new routine that starts immediately with the arrival of your baby is breastfeeding. Especially in the first couple of months, breastfeeding your newborn can be challenging, the amount of your breast milk can cause engorgement and this can be overflowing anytime too.  Some Moms find that approximately every 2-3 hours, their breast milk will start flowing out, irrespective of you feeding your baby or not that time. Others have less engorgement and unexpected letdown reflex.

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At times you can also notice that when you start feeding your baby with one breast, milk can start flow automatically from the other breast too which is not on feeding. In these cases, it is not a wise idea to allow your milk to flow uselessly like this and wet your clothes. If you wish to prevent leaking breasts, the best thing is to use a nursing pad.

Well, you may have heard about nursing pads in many other names like breast pads, breastfeeding pads, maternity pads, nipple pads and so on. In fact, all these are the same ones. It is just called in different names that are all. So, when you go ahead to buy them, do not get confused with their different names. You may see them in different sizes, shapes, or materials. However, all of these organic pads serves the same purpose and you will get enough comfort with its use.  These bamboo-nursing pads are made of    organic bamboo and are completely safe to use. There are more absorbable and less wet feeling you will get.

Nursing pads or breast pads are the best protectors like breast leakage. This is an ideal accessory to use especially when you are among the crowd, to cover up your embarrassment. In fact, its benefit is really more. When you fix it beneath your nursing bra, it can prevent not only milk to get leaked, but also your apparel will not get stained.

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Breastfeeding pads, maternity pads, nursing pads. Are they all the same? Breastfeeding a baby is a wonderful experience and one tool helpful to Moms are breast pads. They come in many different styles and some are better then others.

When Nursing pads are needed?

Now, you can’t predicts the longevity of ist usage. Well, this is completely based on your milk supply. For some women, breastfeeding pads will be more useful in the initial days of breastfeeding, when milk supply will be more and your body is getting adjusting with the milk production.  By 5th or 6th month, some of you may find a slight reduction in the milk supply and it may stop overflowing when you feed. However, there can be chances for overflowing especially at the usual feeding timings. For instance, in some day, if you became little late to feed your baby from the usual timings, sometimes you may notice your breast milk getting overflowing at that time! In such situations, it is always wise to put a breast pad, especially when you are out and not at home.

Here are some other instances when you may need maternity pads:

  • When your breast is full or engorged, you experience letdown, you may experience leaking
  • There are chances for leakage when you are intimate with your partner
  • When you hear your little one crying, at times, your breast may overflow with milk
    • May even be another Mothers’ baby crying!
  • If you are away from your baby for pretty long time, it can happen
    • Such as returning to work or going on an outing without baby
  • If you are having oversupply issues, this abundant milk may become unpredictable and leak at any time without any warning
  • Sometimes when you sleep also, you can notice milk leakage
    • Prolactin levels are highest at night
  • At times, it may overflow just like that without any predictable reasons.

Hence, during your lactation period, which means the period when you are breastfeeding your baby, you can continuously use nipple pads or maternity pads. There is no harm! In fact, it comes in different categories like washable pads or reusable pads   or disposable pads. The organic pads are very good for your daily use! In fact, they are not harmful at all, as it is made out of organic bamboo.

Another huge advantage of these pads is that if you have any sore nipples or cracked nipples, these are the best solution for curing it! You can use natural nipple balm and the washable pad will protect your bra from the cream. You can also buy some pads with adhesive strips so that it will not shift here and there inside your bra. Some pads will be available according to the bra shapes. So, choose the best one convenient for you. Almost all maternity pads are easy wearable. They are made of soft cotton material and is more safe and absorb easily. One advice s that you can avoid using plastic made pads as it prevents from your breast to breath properly.

Another thing you have to note is that it is not a good idea to keep wearing wet pads. Once it gets wet with milk, you have to remove it and use other new and fresh ones. If not, there are chances for getting infections and sore nipples. So, avoid wearing wet pads for long time.

Grab good organic nursing pads and have a safe and comfortable breastfeeding. Check out our amazing nursing pads here!

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