How to Care For Your Washable Breast Pads

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Washable breast pads are great for breastfeeding Moms, Moms who are weaning from breastfeeding and even women who do not breastfeed, but are trying to stop breast milk leaks. In addition, reusable nursing pads protect your bra from natural nipple creams and are good for the environment. Unlike disposable products, reusable breast pads are washed and reused. You don’t run out of washable breast pads, you simply do laundry.

One common question is about caring for washable breast pads is: How do you wash and dry them? What’s the best way to store and care for washable nursing pads? Here’s the info: Post contains affiliate links.

how to care for your washable breast pads

     Washable breast pads get cleaned in the washing machine or can be washed by hand. You use the same detergent that you already use on your clothing, or you can purchase a sensitive scent-free soap like all free and clear or tide free. Reusable breast pads from eco nursing are made from sustainable harvested bamboo and also have a waterproof PUL layer to prevent breast milk leaks from going through the pad and both materials are machine washable and can be machine dried.

     For reusable breast pads to reach maximum absorbency, they should be washed and dried a few times with regular laundry. To avoid losing reusable nursing pads in the wash, a mesh laundry bag is recommended. Eco nursing pads comes with a mesh bag but if you have several sets, or need to wash multiple pads at once, you may prefer a large mesh laundry bag. There is no need to do a separate load of laundry, washable breast pads can go right in with your nursing tops, nursing bras and other laundry and will stay together in your mesh bag.

eco nursing pads with wash bag

 Eco nursing pads have sets with several levels of absorbency. Sets include: 3 pairs of round organic bamboo pads for medium to heavy flow, and 2 pairs of velvet flower-shaped pads (to prevent wrinkles) for light to medium flow. Heavy flow may be used at night, or between pump breaks at work and light flow for daytime use or to prevent one breast from leaking while you’re nursing on the other side.

     Washable breast pads should be changed when wet, and this amount of time varies for each user. After the washable breast pad is removed from your bra, nursing tank or night time sleep bra, place it in the mesh laundry bag or in a small pail until it can be laundered. When pads are washed and dried, it’s best to lay them flat to keep them from developing folds or wrinkles that may not lie well in your bra. Wash reusable nursing pads regularly and do not allow wet pads to sit. Breast milk can produce an odor, remember it’s food, and when it spoils the scent can be strong. Laundering washable nursing pads should remove the odor and protect your nursing bra from breast milk leaks.

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